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Rosco Scenic Sets

Rosco Scenic Sets is happy to announce that we are able to provide one of Rosco’s newest Off-Broadway paint selections, the Rosco Scenic Sets! Each set comes with four 6 oz. pots of a specially selected group of Off-Broadway paints. Working with a group of professional scenic artists and professors, they created the Scenic Sets to help painters try new and different scenic techniques like colour-mixing, using wash and glaze, or learning new scenic treatments. They are useful for new and learning scenic artists to begin understanding colour theory, instructors to teach their students with, or just as small sample pots for some of Rosco’s more popular Off-Broadway paints.

 They are a perfect size for teaching, learning and practicing before investing in larger amounts of paint. There are 8 different sets available for purchase in various categories: warm, cool, and intense primaries, as well as earth and wood, skies, foliage, shade and shadows, and clear layers. As none of the kits include a basic white colour, it is recommended to also buy a can of Off-Broadway White as well to start off your project with a clean base.

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  • Kimbra Young