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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic effect on the live events industry. Between theatres, concerts, conventions and festivals, the industry has lost over 150,000 jobs in Canada. Those that have been lucky enough to continue working have taken cuts to their hours and pay. As the industry continues to try and move forward with no current plans on returning to our previous ways of life, September 22nd will be recognized as a Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community.

Using the hashtags #LightUpLive and #EclaironsLesScenes on social media, theatres, event spaces and major landmarks across Canada will be lighting up red in support of workers in the live event community. Companies and organizations across the country are planning the event to bring their people together to show the importance of this $100 billion industry on Canada’s economy and how many of us the pandemic has affected.

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  • Kimbra Young